Let’s Talk.

Today is probably one of the most important days of the year. It’s Bell’s Let’s Talk Day.

#BellLetsTalk is a day to start conversation, awareness and put an end to a stigma about Mental Health. 

 Currently some 3 million Canadians are suffering from depression and I am one of them.

As you may have read from my Hi, I’m Alex. page, I talk about what it’s like to deal with my inner demon on a very broad basis. For me it’s hard to share in depth, about the struggles that I have encountered and how I have overcome them personally. It’s still a work in progress, but one worth sharing.

I began this blog at the beginning of the year because writing is a way that helps me deal with my depression. Previously, I would write in my journal and now I do both. I can say how I feel and reflect upon a significant event that I believe has helped me fall back into my regular routine. In a sense, this blog is someone or something for me to talk to and it’s a way to let other’s know that they’re not suffering alone.

If you would like to help, know someone who suffers from a mental illness Bell Let’s Talk Day, is a great way to get people talking. Let’s start some positive conversation about how you can help!

Some suggested ways to help and to educate yourself on Mental Health are located on the Bell Let’s Talk website. (See following link)


In addition, if you Text, Tweet, Call or Share #BellLetsTalk Bell will donate 5 cents towards Mental Health.

Let’s start conversation, be aware and most importantly, take positive action.

– Alex.


Finding Strength.

Over the past two years I have been trying to teach myself various yoga poses based on pictures and videos I have found on the internet. I found that when I’m doing yoga, I tend to sink into a state of meditation. Nothing else exists around me; it’s just me and my mat. Yoga has provided me with many benefits and some are greater than others. It has improved my memory, core strength, discipline, sleep patterns and I could go on. But most importantly, yoga has allowed me to be at peace and to exercise the strength within myself. I believe that by finding my inner strength, it will improve my concentration, confidence and connectedness with my body.

A few days ago I started attending classes at a local Bikram Yoga studio. For those of you who haven’t experienced or heard of Bikram Yoga, it is essentially hot yoga but you do two sets of each pose and at a faster pace. The series of poses is also consistent each class. Most people fall in love with it right away and others continue to wonder why people enjoy exercising in a room that’s 105 degrees, for 90 minutes.

After taking my very first class two nights ago, my thoughts towards it were:

Ohhh I’m feeling faint.

I should’ve drank more water.

I thought I was more flexible than this.

How did they get their heads down there?

They really should’ve advertised that this was PG 13.

Why on EARTH do people do this for fun?!

Ughh I think I’m allergic to my own sweat.

After taking my second class last night, my thoughts are:

Hey, I’m getting the hang of this!

I’m hydrateeedd. Bring on the sweat!

Don’t fall asleep in corpse pose.

Reach higher, flex harder, stay in the room and don’t wimp out!

90 minutes is over already?

Immediately, I recognized a great deal of improvement from the previous day. I made sure to drink tons of water throughout the day, eat healthy meals and snacks that provided me with natural electrolytes. Usually, Bikram enthusiasts (instructors and anyone else who is an avid Bikram go-er) don’t recommend eating 3 hours prior to class, but I LOVE TO EAT, so there is no way I’m waiting until class is over. To beat this, I went online and researched meals that are great to have before enduring an intense sweat session. The result….. EAT SOUP! Soup has quite a bit of salt and consists of tons of water. Since salt is a natural electrolyte it’s a great way to replenish your level of electrolytes. The hardest part of preparing to endure a hot yoga sesh is drinking insane amounts of water throughout the day and before class. I’m HORRIBLE at drinking water. It’s not that I don’t like it or prefer drinking something else, I just forget to! I love water but for some reason I cannot find a way to incorporate it into my daily routine. I guess that’s just one more thing I will need to improve.

– Alex.